Friday, October 28, 2016

Paracord for Puppy and Prepping

Long time, no craft writing!!  Glad to be back as I have so many projects going on, like most crafters probably.  I plan on posting themes over the next couple of weeks and this one is on paracord.  I'm a bit of a prepper and paracord is on my list of items to learn to use.  I haven't tested it in the woods yet, but I have made some bracelets and dog collars and love working with it.  I started without a jig, but I bought one recently and it's so helpful for larger projects like the dog collar pictured.   I made it from the excellent tutorial on YouTube from Sea Lemon, but I used a jig rather than how she did it.  I did try one and taping the cord to a table turned out to be frustrating for me.  The first pic is of a collar that was gifted to another dog.

The pic below is my German Shepherd's collar.  Sorry about the quality. ;)  I tried to show the reflective nature, but it was hard to get a good one trying to hold the camera in my hands and the flashlight in my mouth.  I just bought a photo studio kit to use for Etsy products which I'll be breaking out this weekend.  I find the reflective quality quite good outdoors, but I think a harness would be better seen by people in cars.  I'll still have her wear her orange reflective vest along with this collar for now if we're out in the dark.

These are a couple of bracelets I made for myself from a kit, which gave me tje bug to buy more paracord and start doing collars.  The top is made in a cobra weave and the two-tone is a fishtail weave.

This one was for my husband with paracord from Walmart in the outdoor section and a speciality clasp with a whistle and fire starter inside.

I don't know if I'll be making any paracord projects for Etsy as I'm working on crochet items right now, but I did want to share what I was up to.  There's so much you can do with paracord and finish a project quickly.  The weaves are reminiscent of macrame and I love the durability.  I used Scotch Guard on the collar for my GSD which helps keep it clean, but when I do need to clean it I use a hard bristle brush and minimal soap and water (without immersing it) and let it dry.

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