Monday, January 7, 2013

Praying Hands Cameo

I haven't gotten around to making all the polymer clay cameos I mentioned in this post yet but I did make a lovely Christmas gift for my mom.  She loved it!  This cameo is of the praying hands motif.

Once the cameo was baked, I used a simple painting technique to decorate it.  First, I placed one coat of cream-colored acrylic paint on and let it dry.  I then used a sponge brush to put brown antiquing liquid over the piece and rubbed off quickly so the crevices held the darker color.  I glued the cameo in an antique style, copper colored bezel setting and used that as a centerpiece for the necklace.

I used a combination of vintage glass beads (green), wood (red, brown) and faux bone.

You can see the antiquing effect a little better below.

I like the antique style but I think this cameo would also look good with flesh tone hands or in a traditional cameo style with a dark background.  I ordered the bezels from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads—a bead lover's paradise if there ever was one.  I plan on using chains with future cameos as I think that would help make them every day type pieces.  Prayer necklaces from different spiritual traditions is also another idea I've got floating around.

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