Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Adventures in Learning Vintage Book Series - Adventures with Words

I came across these charming vintage books from 1970 in the First Adventures in Learning series.  All of the books in the series were first published in 1963 and republished for Golden Press.  They are meant for pre-school children and some of you from Gen X may remember them.  I'll show you each of them in separate posts.  I'm considering offering the option of buying them all together but I'm not sure about that at this time.

First up is Adventures with Words written by Adelaide Holl and illustrated by J.P. Miller.

Kids learn words that go with certain people and activities.  In this one we see what "Happy Birthday" means.

I love the 60s illustrations.  In this picture, kids learn the words associated with different forms of transportation.

And all sorts of foods are shown here.

And a closer look at some animals here.  I love the lion illustration especially.

It's really an adorable book.  More pictures have children name certain types of people and their occupations.  Also animals and every day things children will recognize.  The listing for the book is here at Etsy.  Update:  This one has been sold as have most of the others, so I won't be putting posts up for the listings.

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